Kentaa Event Fundraising Demo

Event Fundraising is an event where you raise money. These events are often sports events where people can register as a participant who raises money for a charity (also known a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising) by letting themselves get sponsored. The event can be organised by the charity itself or by another organisation. Millions of euros are raised every your with Event Fundraising.

Two templates

You can choose between two different layout templates. Click at the top of the page on "View different templates" to see the differences. You can also install your own colors, download your own logo, banners and so on.

Organise your own Fundraising Event

You can organise a fundraising website with a few clicks with Kentaa Event Fundraising. Raise donations with your event for your organisation. 

Participants & Teams

Every participant (max. 50 in the free price plan) gets their own fundraising page which they can easily share with their friends and family via social media. Participants can also start a team to fundraise.

Registration fee & Target amounts

You can decide for yourself if paritcipant have to pay a registration fee for the organisational costs for the organisation or as a donation for the event. You can also set a minimum target amount for participants to get the most out of the event.

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